Speaking Topics

Grown-Up Girlfriends

Women need each other—especially during times of stress. However, often when we are stressed or busy, we set our female friends aside. Although all friendships aren’t created the same (or the same level of intimacy), understanding “the baskets” is helpful in developing healthy expectations in friendships. And as we mature in our faith, we can develop and become Grown Up Girlfriends.

Through the use of humor, scripture and great illustrations, Erin Smalley tackles the topic of having real friends in the real world.

Everyday Moments

We live in a society that is busy and running at record pace. However, we desire to stay connected with those we love the most. There has to be another way! Well thank goodness there is!

Erin encourages women to recognize that there are simple moments that occur every single day that they can take advantage of to strengthen their most important relationships. Based on ____”When you walk along road, when you rise up and when you lay down—teach your children these things.” By being intentional to utilize these opportunities each and every day, we can throw away the guilt and embrace loving deeply in these everyday moments!

Abundantly Full

Have you ever contemplated “the state of your heart?” Not many people have—however, Erin Smalley will encourage women to become more aware of their heart condition. By taking time to reflect and assess, women can then take inventory of how well they are caring for their hearts. Based on the Greatest Commandment, “Love the Lord Your God with all Your Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength—and love your neighbor as you love yourself”, Erin encourages women to walk through an exercise in self-care in order to evaluate how they are doing caring for their hearts. So, they can turn around and give out of abundance to those they love most.

In My Wildest Dreams

We were born to dream. We begin dreaming as young children, however, somewhere along the road of life, we start to doubt these dreams. Some dreams disappear, while others stand the test of time. Based on the scripture, “______”, Erin Smalley, an adoptee, will share the story of one dream that never left her—the dream to adopt. Through her heart-warming, “God” story, Erin will inspire and encourage women to dream again!

The Whole-hearted Wife

Based on the 1990 Gary Smalley DVD series, Hidden Keys to Loving Relationships, Erin Smalley will teach women to embrace their God-given influence in their marriage relationship. Touching on topics such as communication, honor, anger, sexual intimacy and personality, women will see how they can apply each of these to themselves as individual women, their husband, and their marriage relationship. Through the use of humor, great illustrations, and Scripture, Erin will encourage women to walk away knowing that they can change their marriage relationship.